Neuro Intensive Rehabilitation Programs

Neurologic challenges can present themselves in many different ways. Some can be very subtle, such as a sprinter attempting to shave off a fraction of a second from his 100-meter dash. Some may be debilitating such as chronic unrelenting dizziness, requiring much more diligence and persistence in their management.

Our doctors have worked with countless individuals with all sorts of neurologic challenges, and they are well versed in their management. We are well equipped with industry-leading diagnostic tools and technology which assist us in the ability to optimize our patient’s lives. Whatever the source of someone’s neurological impairment, our state-of-the-art diagnostic approach allows us to localize the area of deficit and supply it with specific input to achieve the activation, and recovery we seek.

Our approach is formulated based on the latest clinical research and findings. We utilize many different modalities, therapies, and exercises which activate different brain regions and can result in enhanced cognitive function or quality of life. We provide an alternative solution to traditional medications or surgical approaches. We use our innovative brain-based approach therapies with traditional therapies and exercise regimens to address our client’s individual needs.

Our patients see many improvements in certain abilities such as:

  •       Mental Processing
  •       Impulse & Mood Control
  •       Coordination
  •       Cognition
  •       Motor Timing
  •       Speed
  •       Reaction time
  •       Balance
  •       Symptom severity
  •       quality of life
  •       activities of daily living

Our Neuro-Intensive program is a 5-day program which allows us to attain adequate neuroplastic changes which translates into realizing our goals and restoring proper function. We work diligently during this time to provide you the individualized and proper care so you may achieve your optimal performance.

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