Functional Neurology

A chiropractic neurologist is a specialist in assessing the functional relationship between the brain and the body, which is known as functional neurology. A chiropractic neurologist focuses on the assessment, quantification, and rehabilitation of the human nervous system, utilizing sensory and cognitive based therapies, to promote neuroplasticity, integrity, and functional optimization.

Functional Neurology is a newer model of healthcare. The basis of functional neurology is the understanding that the brain and nervous system are adaptive in function with the ability to change throughout one’s life. The continued promotion of change is what is termed neuroplasticity. A functional neurologist utilizes strategies to evoke neuroplasticity in the nervous system specific to a patient’s presenting condition, as may be the result of life events, disease or injury.

The nervous system is the master system of the body that controls how well you function. Your nervous system’s health and ability to function depends on many factors such as nutrition and oxygen, but most importantly the quantity and quality of information it receives from receptors located throughout your body. The largest contribution comes from your joints and muscles. The Chiropractic Neurologist’s treatment is receptor-based and focuses on improving and/or restoring the areas of the nervous system which have become dysfunctional through trauma, diet, stress, posture, and disease. Subtle changes in the function of the nervous system will effect qualities such as muscle tone, flexibility, balance and coordination and may result in chronic pain, headaches and other related symptoms.

The doctors at Neurolink Chiropractic combine chiropractic care, physiotherapy modalities, functional neurology, functional medicine and nutrition to rehabilitate a wide range of neurological and musculoskeletal conditions.

Brain-based conditions tend to result from a deterioration of function in the sensory or motor relay centers or pathways in the nervous system. Unfortunately, in some cases, this deterioration may be irreparable but can be positively influenced with appropriate rehabilitation. These disorders typically stem from areas of the brain that are either under-active or overactive in their function causing the patient’s perceived symptoms.

Managing the patient with specific brain-based exercises coupled with nutritional therapies can assist in improving function to a dysfunctional neuronal pathway and reduce the patient’s symptomatology. Brain-based rehabilitation exercises differ for each person depending on his or her own unique needs. Treatments are performed by utilizing the following therapies: chiropractic manipulations, neuromuscular re-education exercises, eye movement exercises, visual therapy, vestibular therapy, auditory and/or other sensory feedback, and coordination training in order to optimize function. Patient’s may view the exercises as odd or unusual; however, they promote very specific input to select areas of the brain.

Our unique service has been found to help people world-wide where other therapies have failed. And in some case despite all our best clinical efforts change is not possible. However, our doctors will go the extra yard and do their best to help you improve your quality of life. We work in collaboration with other disciplines of healthcare including orthopedists, orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, radiologists and other physicians.

What is a Chiropractic Neurologist?
A Chiropractic Neurologist is a licensed neurologist who has completed a 3-year postdoctoral course in neurology and has passed oral and written examinations administered by the American Chiropractic Neurology Board leading to a board certification in Neurology.  Typically, a chiropractic neurologist serves in the same consulting manner as a medical neurologist.  The difference is that the therapies or applications of a Chiropractic Neurologist do not include drugs or surgery.

Specifically, the chiropractic neurologist often treats patients with a variety of issues such as: headaches, migraines, vertigo, dizziness, traumatic brain injury, movement disorders, dystonia, post-stroke rehabilitation and radiculopathy or nerve entrapment syndromes that are consequences of peripheral or central types of lesions.  Chiropractic neurologists provide therapies and treatments as well as counsel when there is a diagnostic dilemma or question of appropriateness of care regarding an individual lesion or scenario.

We take pride in providing patients with the highest quality of care based on the extensive clinical knowledge we have acquired in our training.

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