Functional Vision: Reading & Sports Analysis

Since 2010 there have been over 80,000 published peer-reviewed journals on eye tracking. Our office utilizes RightEye, an advanced eye-tracking technology and scientifically verified protocols to give deeper, clearer evaluation of brain activity. RightEye is a non-invasive assessment which uncovers eye-movement patterns and functional vision issues that may be the result of neurological problems and helps create baseline measurements and to quantify changes. It provides all of this data in a nice, neat, easy-to-read report.    

By measuring and analyzing these otherwise imperceptible patterns we can identify Involuntary eye movements — typically not apparent to the naked eye — which indicate visual performance and direct us to various brain networks or health concerns. Vision is not the same as eyesight. A person with 20/20 eyesight may still exhibit weak eye movement behaviors.

These reports are used to be able to determine functional changes within the brain which correspond to many different symptoms. Eye tracking studies have also been validated for the diagnostic and management of concussions. 

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