Cognitive Assessment

At NeuroLink we utilize CBS (Cambridge Brain Sciences) health to objectively assess an individual’s cognitive abilities. How we perform our daily activities, our ability to retain, and use information presented to us in our day is classified as “Cognition.”

CBS Health is an online brain assessment service that accurately measures core elements of your cognitive function, including memory, attention, reasoning and verbal abilities. It classifies our performance of such tests to brain regions recruited to perform a specific task which we need to function optimally in everyday life.

Loss of peak cognitive abilities are expected with aging and with any condition which affects the brain. In order to appropriately treat someone for a mental health condition, neurodegenerative condition such as Alzheimer’s, or brain injury, the individual’s cognitive skills have to be known. By understanding how a person’s brain is performing and what contributes to certain behaviors, a person can be helped in the most appropriate way.

Our doctors will offer these measurements to assess, monitor, and manage core areas of cognition to ensure that your treatment is on the right track. We can chart progress as well as decline.

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