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Your nervous system is the master system of the body that controls how well you function. Your nervous system’s health and ability to function depends on many things such as nutrition and oxygen, but most importantly the quantity and quality of information it receives from receptors located throughout your body. The largest contribution comes from your joints and muscles. The Chiropractic Neurologist’s treatment is receptor-based and focuses on improving and/or restoring the areas of the nervous system which have become dysfunctional through trauma, diet, stress, posture, and disease. Subtle changes in the function of the nervous system will affect things such as muscle tone, flexibility, balance and coordination and may result in chronic pain, headaches and other related symptoms.

Chiropractic Neurology is brain-based chiropractic and combines the best of neurological science with traditional chiropractic. It is a scientifically based field of natural health care that centers on evaluating the function and balance of the nervous system and then using specific treatment applications to assist in restoring function and eliminating pain.


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